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Padraic Fiacc

“I found Fiacc to be an intriguing individual and a tremendous artist. His poetry really is a vivid
documentary of his extraordinary life lived between Belfast and New York. I believe he is a
legendary modern poet of the twentieth century, whose stature will continue to grow”.
Michael McKernon

Padraic Fiacc





(1) Padraic Fiacc

SEA 60 years of Poetry

SEA - Sixty Years of Poetry
by Pádraic Fiacc
A new anthology of Pádraic Fiacc's poetry, illustrated and compiled by artist Michael McKernon
The book is hard back, 96 page, and is full colour.
Price: £16.00
Free shipping to UK and Ireland
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Padraic FiaccPadraic Fiacc
Padraic Fiacc
Padraic Fiacc

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